What Content should I include on my Construction Website

1) Understand your Target Market

Before we get started with website content it is a good idea to understand our target market. A target market being the group of customers that we bring the most value to.

When identifying our target market we need to first understand the common attributes of customers within our target market. For example, in the construction industry our target market could include customers of certain age, income, lifestyle, taste etc.

As a result, of understanding our target market we can become more efficient and effective at delivering and marketing our services.

2) Know the benefits you offer your Target Market

It is essential for any business to understand the benefits we offer our target market. By understanding the benefits we offer it will be easier to communicate that on our website and in person. The more and more content we create that shows our benefits, the better chance we have of attracting our ideal customer.

In the construction industry benefits could be price, quality, speed, and friendly service. When thinking about the benefits we offer it is a good idea to write them down. First write a product of service feature then write the correpsonding benefit.

After writing our benefits down. We can create content such as value propositions, bullet points, project descriptions and blog articles that communcicate these benefits. Knowing your benefits will go a long way in selling your services.

3) Include Trust Signals

Trust signals such as years in service, warranties, guarantees, industry organization memberships, and reviews are good ways to promote your business. All these trust signals take the risk out of hiring you and place trust in your business.

4) Have Service pages

Have one web page per each major service is a good idea because:

  • Good for Seo Allows you to rank for more keywords. Potential clients will google your city and service and with any luck your business will come up.
  • Display benefits and trust signals of that individual service A service page allows you to focus on the benefits of that individual service, trust signals, like warranties and what makes your services different than your competitors. Allowing you to sell your services easier.

5) Display call to actions

Call to actions like a button, a form, a popup can be vital to get potential customers information. Most people will never come back to your site and displaying a good call to action will allow to get their emails or contact information for further contact. Another good thing about call to action is you can tag them. Consequently, we know what button was clicked and what page the button was located on. Consequently, this will allow us to re target then with ads or promotions relative to their search history.

6) Include Projects

Projects information such as project description, videos and photos are a necessity to a construction website. Nothing is going to sell your work like actually seeing your work. Don't forget to sell benefits in your project description: What is the problem, why did the homeowner start the project, what were benefits he or she was hoping for.

7) Start a blog

People are on Google searching for answers to questions. They will ask in person so why not put in writing in the form of a blog article. Besides people are going to search their for their question on the internet. Who knows they might find your article and contact you. Also, blog articles allow rank for longtail keywords, leading to more page visits from Google.